How students responded to the following question in the course 'Law and Practice of Banking Services':

What is the single most important thing or aspect you learnt from this course?

While most students talked about the course content, about 22% of the students responded having learnt aspects other than course content like:

"I learnt how to learn"
"I learnt to think, analyze critically and logically solve problems"
"How to think and understand using mind maps"
"How to be an active learner without being spoon-fed"
"How to learn from mistakes"
"How to apply theory to solve real world problems"

Students' responses to learning for understanding (L4U) project:

“L4U is a good practice that helps earn the knowledge and research all by ourselves. Compared to spoon-fed teaching, this exercise cultivates our efforts to learn and gives us the ability to evaluate suitable materials...even though L4U is time consuming I really enjoyed it.” - Chan Wai Lam

Wong Ming Wai recorded in his journal that L4U helped train critical thinking skills

“L4U gave me a chance to learn by myself rather than the traditional learning method which only emphasize memorizing…after doing the Disney case my learning skills has greatly improved.” - Wong King Yip

"I learnt that making assumptions and creating supporting materials are very important because if you miss that information others will challenge what you say. So from now on…I will provide that information as to persuade others.” - Chung Pui Yi
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